Privacy Policy

​​Yalla Wa'offer is an aggregator of offers, sale and deals in the market It is not involved in the business of selling or buying of any products or services. This platform can be used by customers or users to view such offers, sale or deals. All displayed products or services and their respective details such as price, descriptions, promotions, validity of any promotion, offer, deal or sale etc are entered by the client and it is the sole responsibility of the advertiser/seller/service provider. Yalla wa'offer or its proprietors shalll not assume any liability for the display quality of the product, service or advertisement due to any fault on the part of a device in use, weak internet or otherwise.

In case of any legal notices issued by any government body for the use of any particular advertisement, product or service, the liability shall lie with the respective advertiser/ seller/ service provider and Yalla Wa'offer or its proprietors shall not assume any liability and be held responsible at any stage of the legal proceedings in the courts of law.